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Severe abuse in Pima County, AZ

Couple living in 55 and over residence park in Pima County, AZ have experienced severe abuse and mistreatment from their neighbor and other residents due to bias against their heritage and disabilities. When the couple reports this mistreatment to property management they are met with hostility and intimidation tactics in an attempt to get them to stop filing complaints. Local law enforcement has not responded adequately to the reported incidents. The couple fears for their safety.

Perilous Street Crossing

I was 15 years old.

Alone, crossing the street at a busy intersection. Walking on the sidewalk while looking for the bus stop. Suddenly, I feel a car pass by me unbearably close -- I jump out of fear because a voice is yelling in my ear “you fucking gook!" I look to my right and, in that split second, I see the window is rolled down. I see two white faces. I think I see the car pause, I think I see it slow down just enough for the two faces inside to jump out of the car and throw a punch. Then I see nothing. My heart is pounding. I’m constantly looking behind and around me to see if the car is still following me. I find the bus stop, and wait, holding my Metrocard with trembling hands. When I hear the sound of the bus approaching me, I wonder if someone will get off and really do me in this time (nobody does). The rest of the bus ride home, I’m on edge. I don’t know if I will be attacked. I thought I was going to get run over by that car. I thought I was going to get beat up. I thought I was going to die.


This incident occurred in 2015. 

People in your nationality are so rude.

...I was waiting in line for a pony ride in Irvine Regional Park this past weekend.

After 10 minutes of waiting in line, a white person behind me tells me "by the way, I was in front of you and you cut in line" I said, "why didn't you tell me 10 minutes ago when it happened, I didn't notice anyone behind me" He said "because I wanted to know if you noticed and said sorry to me" and then he said "you and people in your nationality are so rude, I've traveled the world and your people in your nationality are rude"

This comment was so offensive and insulting, I didn't know how to react. I'm asian and he probably doesn't even know my nationality. He just generalized based on race and appearance. FYI, the park was full of people during the pumpkin patch season, and it was not completely clear who was in line and who was just standing. I'm just appalled that someone can make a racist comment in my face in a public space.

"That's probably what an Oriental man like you do?"

I was waiting outside a mexican restaurant for my friend to pick up his order. A old white male comes up to me and asks me this question, "Oh man, what would you do if you broke a finger? Like, use your feet? That's probably what an Oriental like you would do.?"

After this, the male looked away in hatred and walked into the restaurant. I personally was perplexed at the immense stupidity of the question the old white man had just asked. Entitlement is something I see as the problem here.

Anti-Korean Comments in the Classroom

On September 7, 2017, a teacher at Bergen County Academies in NJ made anti-Korean comments in the classroom. According to The Korean Daily, the Bergen County Academies teacher asked students about their culture and said that she loved those but "hated Korean." The teacher has since reportedly issued a verbal apology to the students. The Council of Korean Americans is monitoring this situation and have let local Korean American leaders know they have our full support.

We condemn the use of hateful and threatening words against any group of people.

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