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"You're trash."

After a parade, my significant other, my friend, and I were walking back to a friend's house after getting pizza. While we were enjoying our pizza, a woman yells at us. She said, "You're trash. Go back to where you came from." My SO tells her that he is from Seattle. She approaches him and gets closer and then headbutts him.

Walking through the mall

I was walking through the mall as a middle aged man wearing business clothes was coming walking in the other direction. He was walking in an odd way so I believe he could have been intoxicated or mentally disabled. When we passed one another he suddenly leaned in towards my face and yelled at me, "Die you f-ing Chink!" and then kept walking.

"You People Don't Give Change"

Not sure of exact date, but occurred prior to 2016 presidential election. Elder Caucasian female went to purchase lottery scratcher tickets in a machine. Placed in $20 bill but the machine did not give change (stated on the machine). She was upset and stated never come in here again. Asian clerk stated people ask for change. The Caucasian female stated "you people don't give change, Go Trump!" and left the store.

Red Light in Washington State

This incident occurred September, 2016. 

While I was in my car waiting at a red light, 3 men in a car pulled up next to me and with windows rolled down, arms hanging out, and spoke loudly to each other, "Aren't you tired of all these gooks" and "I'm so sick of these chinks" etc. My window was rolled up the entire time but this continued until the light turned green. I am an Asian woman and was alone in my car.

Fighting Over a Cab

This incident occurred July 2016:

After dinner, I was standing on the street trying to hail a cab. A group of two white men and three white women ran ahead of me and as I was trying to get into the cab, one of the men knocked me away from the door. In a Southern accent, he shouted at me to go back to squatting on the street with my pajamas "back where I came from". I struggled to hold on to the door and keep upright, at which point he called me a slant-eyed chink and grabbed both my arms and started shaking me. I fought to get free and finally managed to get inside the car and close the door against him. His companions were laughing.

Discrimination in Haight-Ashbury

I'd like to alert you to the fact that on Monday, May 1 I encountered a hate crime. I live in Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco, California. On that day, when my mom and I were on our way home from a walk to the Golden Gate Park with my two kids: 22-month-old and 5-month-old on Stanyan and Page Street, a white man in his 40s or 50s followed us and yelled at us very loudly and angrily: "Get out of the country! Speak English!" He yelled at us all the way to our home with words of discrimination. I was trying to take out my cell phone when I was outside on my porch , but he was watching me and threatened me if I dare take out my cell phone he would do something. He further threatened to hurt us. During the whole time, we didn't say anything, but at the beginning of his yelling, he shouted "Did you yell at me? " He pretended that we yelled at him first. After I got my family safe inside and called the police , the police came and interviewed me. This is a vicious and planned hate crime. I'm worried about my family's safety. If he can threaten the safety of two women and two little babies, then what else can he not do? I am from China. This is a real threat to Chinese immigrants, Asian immigrants.

Chinese Ethics Course at UT-Austin

Several fliers appeared on the University of Texas at Austin campus advertising an ethics course for Chinese students. The faux course was clearly meant to degrade Chinese students as it accused them of plagiarism, forgery, misinformation, and public indecency. It is unknown if this "course" will actually take place, or if the fliers were simply posted as a cruel joke.

As of April 3rd, the University of Texas at Austin has yet to respond to this.


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