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Unwelcome in Colorado

My husband and daughter were followed home, after returning from her piano lessons. The man got out and was approaching the side of the car our daughter was on, so my husband got out and asked him what he wanted.

He said, ""You don't live here, this isn't your neighborhood, you don't belong here, why are you driving around in your sketchy Audi, what are you doing here."" He also said he lives in our neighborhood and told him his name.

My husband told him, "I live here" and didn't want to open our garage door but the guy wouldn't leave and started filming my husband, so my husband sent our daughter inside and the guy left.

At this point he knows where we live. He was a white male. My husband is Asian. Somehow my husband had the ability to remember his license plate.

We called the police dept., they came and took our statement, traced the plates and went to his house. They confirmed that the guy lives in our the neighborhood. The guy basically said that this is his neighborhood and he is going to do what he wants. The officer said the guy thinks he's ""entitled"" to do what he wants. They think he had been drinking and my husband thought that as well. The police told him that if he does that again, he will be going to jail.

There was no road rage, there was no previous altercation, there was no excuse for what he did. This was racism. I post this because I want people to know that this is happening. I want him to be held accountable for trying to intimidate my family at our house and that now I have to tell our children not to walk alone and to be extra cautious because one of our neighbors doesn't think we "belong here."

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