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"White people are fine"

It was the night of the election around 2 am and the news had not yet called the presidential election but it was pretty clear that Donald Trump was going to win. I was putting out the trash and there was this young man sitting on the stoop across the street from me waiting for his friend. He was talking to a friend of his who was upset about the outcome. He very clearly said "We're fine. Donald Trump likes us, white people. Who cares about the rest? Trump will lower taxes and white people are fine." I looked over at the young man because I was shocked and went back to my apartment. Eventually, his friend showed up and his friend brought up the election saying something along the lines that we are all screwed. The young man replied to his friend "Naw, we're good but the chink across the street is screwed." The guy didn't realize that I lived on the ground floor and my window was open. I grew up in Columbus, Georgia where my family and I were one of the few Asian families that lived in Columbus during the late 80's. I am used to dealing racism because of the South but I was shocked to hear it in Philadelphia and in my neighborhood that is diverse.

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